JOY: The Journal of Yoga
November 2002, Volume 1, Number 2

The Journey

by Jason Light
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You are a being of pure divine light

You shine in the morning, you shine in the night

You radiate this energy throughout all of your life

Touching all those that come into your light

You are and will be a traveller alone

Your journey is great and still yet to unfold

Through time and through space a traveller you'll be

With countless lives waiting and so much to see

The experience you gain throughout all of your lives

Will be listed and written when your spirit entwines

For all that you are and all that you'll be

Is carried inside for all those to see

To access these records of lives then and now

Open your heart to the love and light that surrounds

Have faith in yourself, your abilities and reason

You have come a long way through many a season

You have seen and felt much through these eyes old and new

Experience has been gained but still......more to do

Your eyes are your windows

They view from your soul

Nothing ever gets past, nothing ever gets old

Time's immaterial to the spirit within

We're born, we die.....but then we begin

Life is eternal to our spiritual sides

Age comes with experience, enjoy the ride

Find peace; find comfort in these words that I write

There's nothing to fear, not even the night

Enjoy your travels, in this life and next

Be at Peace, filled with Love like the words of this text

And maybe one day we'll meet on our travels

Two spirits together, as journey's unravel

You'll know when we meet; you'll know who we are

For your heart will radiate, with brightness of star

Filled with Love you are, filled with Light you'll be

A shining example for all those to see

Hold no fear nor no haste, our meeting will come

When your spirit is ready and your journey is done

Until then my child know this that you are

A being of Light that has travelled afar

Experience you've gained is of great resource

Itís the fuel that you need, to return to the source

Copyright © 2002 JOY: The Journal of Yoga