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JOY: The Journal of Yoga is an international and transdisciplinary journal dedicated to work in asian philosophy, consciousness studies, and yogic spirituality. JOY welcomes contributions from researchers and yoga practitioners exploring the philosophy of yoga, neuroscience of meditation, schools of eastern thought, historical development of the yoga tradition, ayurvedic medicine, and spiritual phenomenology, which is explained in this article on free tarot reading. The journal seeks to provide a forum for east-west comparative analysis and potential applications of yogic philosophy to contemporary concerns. In particular, JOY aims to investigate the impact of yogic practices upon cognition, health, and social interactions.

Founding Editor: Prof. Douglas J. Phillips II

"So Bhrigu went and practiced tapas, spiritual prayer. And then he saw that Brahman is joy: for from joy all beings have come, by joy they all live, and unto joy they all return. This was the vision of Bhrigu Varuni which came from the Highest; and he who sees this vision lives in the Highest. Oh, the wonder of joy!" -Taittiriya Upanishad

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If you are an author and researcher who would like to submit a manuscript for publication, please send a copy in MS Word format to [email protected]. Upon acceptance, articles will be posted on the JOY website and uploaded to the academic databases of our institutional subscribers. Articles are indexed and abstracted through EBSCO Information Services Bibliographic and Full Text Databases.

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Using Yoga and Mindful Awareness with First Responders: A Look at the Data From the Symbolic Interactionist Approach by Desire J.M. Anastasia-Cartwright, Ph.D.
Effect of Adaptive Yoga Therapy in Increasing Hand Steadiness among Children with Intellectual Disability by Ms. Manisha Sharma, Mr. Shashi Kumar, Dr. B.S. Chavan
Effect of Pranayama on Selected Respiratory Indices and Body Composition by Swati dhingra, Biswas Manosree, Falak Pooja, Gandhi Nikita, and Nachankar Deepa
Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy for Cancer by Amritanshu Ram
The Chakra System as a Biosociopsychospiritual Model of Consciousness Anahata as Heart-centered Consciousness by Robert Beshara
The phenomenon of consciousness in the perspective of comparative study of mysticism: A challenge for interreligious and interspiritual understanding by Martin Dojcar
Effect of SudarshanaKriya Yoga-Meditation on Spatial-Temporal EEG Parameters by Vijayalakshmi.K., Dr. S. Ramachandran, and Dr. M. Chandrasekaran
Acute Effect of Unilateral and Bilateral Nostril Breathing on Sympathovagal Balance in Yoga Practitioners and Healthy Volunteers by Dr. Giriwar Singh Gaur, Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan. R., Dr. Madanmohan Trakroo, and Dr. Senthil Kumar S.
An experimental study of selected yoga poses on young adult female population reporting primary dysmenorrhoea by Dr Gauri S. Kulkarni and Dr Nilima Bedekar
Prevention and Management of Geriatric Diseases through Energy Modulation by Yogic Technique by Kajaria Divya, Tripathi J.S., and Tiwari S.K.
Simplified Kundalini Yoga - An Empirical Study by Nirmala Raghavan and Dr. Haider Yasmeen
Physical Purification Through Yoga by Ravi Kumar
Therapeutic Effectiveness of Yoga for Psychological Health and Well-being by Arun Pratap Singh and Girishwar Misra
Mental Health in Yoga by Dr Balaji Deekshitulu P.V
Yoga: A Competition? by Nikita Goel
Suryanadi Anuloma Viloma Pranayama Modifies Autonomic Activity of Heart by Varun Malhotra, OP Tandon, Rajkumar Patil, Tarun K Sen, Stany W Lobo, Nagamma T, Rahul A, Anshul Singh, Shreekant, Sonam Motani, and Atulya Choudhary
Natural Healing of Problems of School Teachers with the Inner Science – Yoga by S.Thangarajathi and B.Tamilselvi
The Yoga of Romantic Relationships by Tatiana Forero
"Knowledge is Power"- Is it really? by Hella Naura
Multiple Phase Locked Loop Guidance in Meditation: A New Scientific Explanation by Neela Iyer, A. Prabhu Britto, Vladimir Petrov Velikov, Justin Chernow, Elizabeth Maier, Dr. A. Nagappan, Dr. M. Rangasamy, Dr. N. Malmurugan, and Dhyanyogi Omdasji Maharaj
The Mathematical Modeling of Pranic Body by Sarita, V.K. Katiyar, and P. Pradhan
The Magic Doorway into the Divine: The Awakening by Devrah Laval
Yoga: Corruption and Renewal by Swami Lord Collins
Yoga and Sustainability by Shonil A. Bhagwat
Towards a Topology of Moving Yoga: Transcending B.K.S. Iyengar and His Cultural Moment by Eric Shaw
The Sense of Yoga as Portrayed in the Bhagavad-Gita by C. Thriveni
A Yogic Passage from Punjab India to West Chicago by Sedef Olcer
The Wisdom of The Buddhist Teachings: The Hindrances and Our Health by John C. Kimbrough
Reflections on Teaching Yoga and Buddhism in Cambodia- The Prison is the Temple by John C. Kimbrough
Introducing Yoga to Rural Villagers in Cambodia by John C. Kimbrough
Reprise for an Ancient Art: “Have some Pop Yoga with that Cafe au Lait?” by Eric Shaw
A Comparison Between the Symptoms of Schizophrenia and Experiences of Spiritual Growth by SS Patil
Examining the Birth of a New Theology Through Chuang Tzu’s “Discussion on Making All Things Equal” by Deborah Sullivan
Self Massage After Yoga by Kristine Kaoverii Weber
In the Shade of the Yoga Tree: A Living Context for Practice by M.L. Youngbear Roth
The Truth About Being A Yogi: Giving and Forgiving- An Art of Moral Self Interest by M.L. Youngbear Roth
Sah Aham, Sah Aham! by M.L. Youngbear Roth
Sip Your Cup of Tea - Part I by Autumn Shishon
Looking At God’s Plan, Part 1 – Why is it Sometimes So Painful? by John C. Kimbrough
Looking At God’s Plan, Part 2 – What Does it Call For? by John C. Kimbrough
Looking At God’s Plan, Part 3 – How Does it Materialize? by John C. Kimbrough
Foundations of Yoga, Part 1: Yama and Niyama by Swami Nirmalananda Giri
Foundations of Yoga, Part 2: Ahimsa (Harmlessness) by Swami Nirmalananda Giri
Foundations of Yoga, Part 3: Satya (Truthfulness, Honesty) by Swami Nirmalananda Giri
Yoga, A Way of Life by P. Nachimuthu
Yoga and Pilates: Why Both are Ideal for You! by Deborah Harris
The Power of Simplicity in Holistic Living by Prem Nirmal
The Yugas: Divine Agents of Change by Bunny Paine-Clemes
The Practical Philosophy of Lao Tzu by Stephen Mosley
Comparison of Buddhist Emptiness and the Socratic Knowledge of Ignorance by Arthur E. Ianuzzi
Celibacy is Not About Denying Our Sexuality by John C. Kimbrough
Looking for a Mystical Experience or a True Development of the Consciousness? by John C. Kimbrough
Is Yoga Really a Light for People and The World? by John C. Kimbrough
Yoga and the Tsunami by John C. Kimbrough
In Search of the Self: Notions of Identity in Buddhist Psychology and Contemporary Neuroscience by Doug Phillips
Kriya: Internal Alchemy for the Soul by Swami Anandakapila Saraswati
If We See It As A Gift by John C. Kimbrough
What Makes Us Lose Our Mindfulness by John C. Kimbrough
Seeing and Understanding What is Standing in The Way: The Current State of the Ego by John C. Kimbrough
Embodying Transpersonal Psychology Through Yogic Practices by Kathy Falge
Tantra - The Serpentine Ascent by G. Kumar
A Critique of the Hameroff and Penrose Theory of Consciousness by Doug Phillips
The Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism – How Does It Enlighten Us? by John C. Kimbrough
Yoga Consists of Ministering to Others by John C. Kimbrough
Yoga: The Practice of Non-Greed by John C. Kimbrough
Struggling with the Practice of Yoga? You are not Alone. by John C. Kimbrough
The Fourfold Yoga- Yoga Therapy by G. Kumar
Be Gentle On Yourself by John C. Kimbrough
The Magical Voice of The Scriptures – 2 Timothy 1:7 by John C. Kimbrough
The Myths of Meditation! New Light on Dhyana by Yogi Harinam Baba Prem Tom Beal
My Journey to Spiritual Awakening via Hatha Yoga by Ina Marx
Rousing the Kundalini by Hella Naura
The Magical Voice of Scripture - Yoga Sutras 1:14 by John C. Kimbrough
Why Sri Aurobindo Is Cool by Craig Hamilton
Closer to OM by Lori Lichtman-Sander
Mastering Non–Violence by John C. Kimbrough
The Magical Voice of Scripture – 1 Corinthians 11:28 by John C. Kimbrough
The Correct Approach to Learning and Practicing Yoga by John C. Kimbrough
What Brings about Success in the Practice of Yoga: Avoiding Overeating by John C. Kimbrough
Look to Yoga by John C. Kimbrough
Yoga: A Scientific Lifestyle by Aarti Sood Mahajan and R. Babbar
The Ethical System of Yoga by Peter N. Jones
The Fourfold Yoga- Universal Love by G. Kumar
Tools, not Rules by John C. Kimbrough
Pain and Yoga by JoAnn Matray
Relationships - The Yoga of the West by Peter Russell
The New Age Movement: A Paradigm Shift to Divine Consciousness and Universal Philosophy by G. Kumar
Cyberspace: The Network Frontier by Doug Phillips
Yoga and Buddhism as Psychotherapies by John C. Kimbrough
The Doctrine of Yoga: Humility by John C. Kimbrough
On Basic Principles of Yoga by Vladimir Antonov
A Wise and Prudent Friend by John C. Kimbrough
Stengthening our Inherent Traits by John C. Kimbrough
Doubt, Certainty, and Submission by John C. Kimbrough
Finding Our Way by John C. Kimbrough
Ways to Cultivate the Consciousness: The Practice of Hatha Yoga by John C. Kimbrough
Understanding the Hindrances to Living a More Skillful Life by John C. Kimbrough
Hindrances to Progress on the Path of Yoga- Languor by John C. Kimbrough
The Dance of Shiva by Paresh
Do You Have Any Videos? by John C. Kimbrough
Demonizing or Enriching One Another by John C. Kimbrough
Growing in Our Aloneness by John C. Kimbrough
The Benefits of Yoga by Becky Richmond
The Journey by Jason Light
The Fourfold Yoga- An Introduction by G. Kumar
Religion Understood as “Science”: Yogic Technique and Cognitive Liberty by Jason Mierek
The Integral and the Spiritual in Ken Wilber and Jean Gebser by Steven Swanson
The Fourth Dimension and the Emergence of Transperspectival Thought by Ossaim
The 'Superman' in Aurobindo and Nietzsche by Lars Rosenblum-Sorgenfrei
Breaking Through Anew by Steven Swanson
Light Cords: The Phenomenology of Life and Death by Doug Phillips
Pranic Therapy III by G. Kumar
Pranic Therapy IV by G. Kumar
The One and the Many: A Fundamental Philosophical Problem in the Principal Upanishads by Georg Feuerstein
Poet Praise: The Concentration of Faith by Nashid Fareed
An Apology to Gandhi and King by Nashid Fareed

Online Yoga Manual by John C. Kimbrough
Divinity School Rankings by Doug Phillips

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